Turist guide for Ancara – Turkey

ankaraturistHere is a turist guide for turkey


Cappadokia – Turkey

sCappadociaHere is a presentation about Cappadokia a very important historical place in Turkey.

brochure of Ankara

ankaraa brochure of Ankara

Protected Animals and plants

carettaHere you can view a  presentation (common  to all participants) showing us  the main protected plants and animals in the seven comenius partners areas.

A nice site about our project

siteThe Romanian team prepared an alternative site about our project. It contains lots of information and a preview of most of the activities developed the past two years from the teams of the participants. The layout is in a per project/activity which makes it interesting and enjoyable to browse.

Please have a look here

Comenius – Magazine

magazineCome Closer – The Magazine prepared by the Romanian team.

A great mathematician – CONSTANTIN CARATHEODORY

karatheodorisThe story of Constantin Caratheodory, a great mathematician from Greece (thrace).

Read more (ppt)

Italy – A drop of water

watterHere is a ppt about the watter quality in the region of Policoro

Natural Reservation and World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO

unescoAct 29+30: Here you can see some photos from Natural Reservation and World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO

“For a drop of clear water”

watterAct 27: “For a drop of clear water” We have analized water from our town and here you are information about the hardness.

Read more here

The story of Mevlana – a great philosopher from Turkey

melvanaThe story  of Mevlana – a great philosopher from Turkey

Water analysis from Ankara

watter here is the ppt about the ph of tap water in Ankara

Spanish school magazines

Comunicas 1 Comunicas 2

Photographic Album from various Visits


Enjoy the photographic album prepared by the Turkish team with photos from the comenius visits to various countries.

Nazım Hikmet – VIP from Turkey

Nazım HikmetNazım Hikmet a great poet – VIP from Turkey